16 Apr 2015

My first experience as a Quiz Master!

MIND PALACE’S youngest Quizmaster takes the stage.
Internal Gen Quiz Session
By Viraj Mavani,
Wednesday, 18th March, 2015
3 pm @ Room 3001, Annexe Building
No prior registration required. Just be there and spread the word. 😉

This was how the invite was to majority of the students who share the college with me. Just a few months into the field and here I was conducting “My First Quiz”. It was definitely worth experiencing as no one would have ever had to present one holding a laptop in his hands and raising it so that the crowd could see. Yes. The projector was out-of-order. So, I conducted half of the prelims round(which was converted to a common pounce-bounce round for ease) speaking as loudly as I could and briskly walking around the hall (with the 14″ laptop) so that every one could have a look.

Then, by god’s grace, we moved to the class with the projector, WORKING. And it was then that I started having a good time. I took back a moment as everyone read the question and thought to myself, “Blue Blistering Barnacles! This is really happening!”

We ended The Quiz quite gracefully. Many loved friends attended it while those who didn’t, just got hold of the PPT later on.

That was how it feels to be a Quiz Master. (For the First Time! 😉 )

Mischief Managed.

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