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Product of Array Except Self - LeetCode #238

Being one of the most asked questions and also one of the important problem patterns on LeetCode, the product of array except self problem has become a subject of interest for this blog. It uses a modification of a general approach called prefix sum as an optimal solution. Let’s dive into it! Problem Statement You can find the problem statement here: Product of Array except Self - LeetCode... continue reading

Contains Duplicate - LeetCode #217

The Contains Duplicate problem on LeetCode is again one of the most asked questions and has the distinction to be on the Blind Community curated 75 questions list and therefore it makes it a subject of this blog’s interest. While it looks simple at first glance, there are a few things that need to be noted and will be helpful further in your journey through LeetCode. Let’s dive into it! Prob... continue reading

Two Sum - LeetCode #1

As “Hello, World!” is to Programming, so is the Two Sum problem to LeetCode. Any blog series or YouTube channel targeted towards solving LeetCode problems has to first pay deference to this problem. It is therefore implied that this blog series will be no different. So let’s just jump right into it. Problem Statement Given an array of integers, return indices of the two numbers such that th... continue reading

Automatic Post from Java Web Service

Dummy Post made using the Java Web Service Posted using the Java Web Service which automatically makes updates to the blog and commits on GitHub which is being used to host the website. continue reading

My first experience as a Quiz Master!

MIND PALACE’S youngest Quizmaster takes the stage. Internal Gen Quiz Session By Viraj Mavani, Wednesday, 18th March, 2015 3 pm @ Room 3001, Annexe Building No prior registration required. Just be there and spread the word. 😉 This was how the invite was to majority of the students who share the college with me. Just a few months into the field and here I was conducting “My First Quiz”. It w... continue reading

Hello World!

This is the first thing that most entities on the internet start with. The Hello World. So here I am, bidding hello to the world and to you. Viraj Mavani. This is how people know me. An Average Joe. The Muhammed Lee. A student at L. D. College of Engineering pursuing his interests in the bold and huge field of Electronics. As I mentioned, an Average Joe means an average student too. The seven ... continue reading